I believe that all under graduate studies should be tuition free for all students. Even though legislation in this direction will be difficult to pass by this U.S. Congress, there are things that can be done to lessen the financial burden that most graduating students face today. I will fight for the following:

  • Lower interest rates on Stafford loans.
  • Increase Federal funding for PELL grants.
  • Create more scholarships for under privileged communities.
  • Interest free loans for two years after graduation
  • Student loans  would be paid off with four years of honorable military service
  • Nursing student loans would be paid off with five years of medical service to a Native American community.


My top priority is to fight for the following:

  • Protection for our natural environment and clean up toxic waste sites.
  • Reducing  dependence on fossil fuels.
  •  Immediately suspend coal mining operations.
  • Stop all fracking on public lands 
  • Opposing the Sierra XL and Dakota Access Pipe Line Projects.
  • Work with State legislators in cleaning up Phosphogypsum stacks.
  • Opposing any defunding of the Environmental Protection Agency.


As your Congressman I support the following:

  • Equal pay for equal work for women in all industries and institutions. 
  • The Planned Parenthood Organization.
  • The Pro-Choice doctrine for women. 
  • Equal rights and equal protection for the Native Americans and Tribal Nations.
  • The civil liberties and equal rights for all members of the LGBT community.
  • An equitable and just immigration reform policy for all.

Democrat for Florida's 15th District

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Ray Peña maintains a deep commitment to critical issues in the community and Florida 15th District. He is a  candidate who will work for you to ensure these issues are brought to the forefront of the agenda.


The Affordable Care Act has allowed thirty million citizens to purchase health care insurance for themselves and their families. Today, almost anyone can purchase health care insurance, but the copayments, deductibles, and out of pocket costs combined, make it extremely difficult for the average citizen to afford a plan. By the time the elections have been decided some sort of new health care legislation will have been passed and put into law. It will be my job to make sure that all citizens have the right to have health care coverage for themselves and their families. When I am elected to Congress I will fight for a universal health care or single payer legislation that will work for all our citizens.



I will propose legislation for federal funding on a mass transportation project that would create thousands of jobs for Central Floridians. This proposal would be a light rail vehicle system that would run along the I-4 corridor between the cities of Tampa and Orlando. The first phase of the project will start in Polk County. I will work in cooperation with State legislators to increase the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour and attach it to the Inflation Index so that the minimum wage increases along with inflation.



In 2008, several major financial institutions collapsed due to subprime mortgage fraud that contributed to the recession of 2007. There were banks, some were brokerage houses and some were a combination of the two. Certain Wall Street executives and bankers devised and put into place a scheme for pushing substandard mortgages into the market place as legitimate high quality securities. A fraud that triggered a decline in home values, an increase in mortgage delinquencies, foreclosures, and the loss of jobs. Many families were uprooted from their communities. Not one Wall Street executive or banker were ever criminally prosecuted. 

I will propose an amendment to the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) to include Wall Street executives, bankers, and Member of Congress.


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